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The story behind the Speak Out sandals

The story behind the Speak Out sandals

The story behind the Speak Out sandals

Once upon a time was a little girl with curly hair, bright eyes and flat feet.

Her mother wanted the best for her little daughter and although they live on an island sometime in the mid 70s, she took her to a specialist doctor in Athens.

It was an amusing trip for the little girl. She visited nice shops and she got nice gifts. Except her new shoes. They were rather ugly and not so pretty, although comfortable. The doctor said she had to wear them until the age of 8! She didn’t know to count back then so she didn’t say anything. Back to the island, days went by and summer come. But the little girl had to wear the same shoes during the summer as well! And the shoes were a kind of boots. Ok she had got more than one pair but still, they were the same ugly design. Not so summery. And apart from that the other kids had started to ask her why she was wearing boots during summer and not sandals or espadrilies like them. She envied them and her envy was greater when she visited her grant uncle’s shop with her father. It was a very important shop back in these days. There you could find almost everything. From chocolates and candies to books, toys, notes, pencils, women socks and shoes. Especially Greek leather sandals and espandrilies. She loved these summer shoes and she wished to have a pair!

Years went by and the girl was convicted that she would never had the chance to wear sandals or normal shoes. It was a warm June evening and together with her father went to visit uncle at his shop. When they entered the shop her father whisper something to uncle. Uncle disappeared and then he appeared holding two pairs of shoes. Left hand leather sandals, right hand blue espadrilies. Choose he said!

Can I have them both? Girl said, looking towards her father. But of course, he said. You deserve them and these nice feet must be shown!

The truth was that the ugly boots did good job and the girl hadn’t got flat feet any more.

She grabbed both pairs and she run home to show to her mother, baby brother, grandmother, and grandfather. That day everybody was happy at home. The girl because of her new shoes and feet! And the rest because the girl was happy, and she stop complaining about her shoes!

That night she slept with the sandals one her feet. Actually, she fall asleep looking at them!

It is was a dream that came true and when a dream comes true it feels really good!

It gives also space for a new one. That night she dreamed that she was making her own sandals.

The best shoes for island days and not only and for summers!



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