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Folding hand fan – The ultimate Summer accessory

Folding hand fan – The ultimate Summer accessory

Folding hand fan – The ultimate Summer accessory

Hand fans originated about 4000 years ago in Egypt. Egyptians viewed them as sacred objects, and the tomb of Tutankhamun contained two elaborate hand fans.

The folding hand fans invented around the 8th century in Japan according the Aisla Hendry curator at the Fan Museum in London. They weren’t brought to Europe until the 16th century. First on Italy and then France, Spain, Great Britain. There has also been evidence that fans were in use in multiple civilizations across Africa, South America, and North America before the colonial period.

Holding a folding fan can be a form of art. An element of style. A powerful way to express feelings. 

Holding fan in the right hand in front of your face means Follow me. Holding fan in the left hand in front of your face means Leave me. Closing your fan and tapping your wrist means Meet me later. Placing the fan near the heart means You have won my love.

Which other accessory can speak? 

For all these and for more, many fashion designers, artists, actors and women around the World have adopted fans. 

I was from the kids they had the privilege to spent their childhood on a Greek island. 

Among  all the precious Summer memories I have, is the memory of my grandma , grandaunts, mother, ants and even my grandfather fanning themselves with colorful fans. Greek Summers have been always hot and those days there weren’t any air-conditions. But apart that, fans were an essential accessory. For Sunday church services. For gatherings. For cinema nights. Even for moments when someone felt like she was going to pass out from happiness or not. They had a prominent place. Usually matched with clothes and according the occasion. 

They couldn’t be missed from shop’s collection.

From 2009 and every Summer you can find the most beautiful, colorful, hand made and stylish fans of the best quality at Speak out Hydra. 

Happy fanning! 



Μικρή μου μωβ βεντάλια
Τραγούδι των Θάνος Μικρούτσικος και Χάρις Αλεξίου
Μικρή μου μωβ βεντάλιαΣτου ονείρου τα κοράλλιαΣ’ είδα να τριγυρνάςΉσουνα μαγεμένος αγουροξυπνημένοςΚαι γέλαγες μ’ εμάς
Μικρό μου ουράνιο τόξοΌταν σε καταδιώξωΜη μου αντισταθείςΣτη λάβα των ματιών μουΣτο ηφαίστειο των φιλιών μουΈλα να ζεσταθείς
Γαλάζια μου βροχούλαΕυεργεσία πούλαΣ’ εμένα το φτωχόΠου αν χάσω το κορμί σουΚλειδί του παραδείσουΘα αποτρελαθώ
Γλυκιά μου μελωδίαΤου απείρου αρμονίαΜη με παραμελείςΑντήχησε στο σύμπανΓίνε γι’ αυτούς που σ’ είδανΘάνατος εραστή


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